About Us

Welcome to Shipwreck Vintage! We are located in Maasbracht the Netherlands. We have been in business for long time and have grown into the largest inventory of original nautical lighting and related nautical antiques in Holland. We work with some of the largest ship breaking operations around the world, and we buy the items directly from the shipyards . The inventory you see on our web site has been transformed from salvaged pieces to polished working pieces of art! Before the items land on the website it takes sometimes as long as 8 months.. Most everything is painted when we buy it, so the process of removing the paint and then polishing takes a fair amount of time. Since most items have been removed from a working class vessel being cut up for scrap, we also spend many hours making general repairs.

 It is rare we started our business in repairing and scrapped ships our self ,My father started that in 1959  The most ships we demolished in the seventies and eighties here in Holland on the river Maas. Now it is the third generation that is on the move.

We are a family business and the name of our company is Valkenpower BV We also sell shop equipment ,hand tools, car lifts, welding equipment, tyre equipment, compressors, generators, pumps, lifting tools and much more. You can see all our products on Valkenpower.com 

Our warehouse operation is in Maasbracht and we have a showroom where you can see the items  The nautical vintage items that are in stock are on the website. Customers can make orders from here and get information.


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